In this post we will leverage the power of flutter animation and will see how to add animation in your application.

Yes, We are going to make this animation happened. How? Lets see. In this post I will explained what animation and all that you that need to know and at the very end, You will see video link where you can find video tutorial.

Lets start with what flutter team has to say:

Flutter is UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

Which means animation are obvious when we…

Flutter bloc is a great state management libray for your dart/ flutter application that will help you to to improve your application performance and speed.

flutter bloc tutorial

I won’t waste much of your time and lets get start with an example rigth away.

  1. We will start with bloc cubit first with an example first
  • If you reading this then I assume you already have flutter setup in your pc.
  • I encourage you to open your fav IDE and code along since it require more practical work.
  • Also please add plugin for flutter bloc in your IDE before continue.

a) VS code plugin

Flutter bloc is a great state management libray for your dart/ flutter application that will help you to to improve your application performance and speed.

flutter bloc tutorial

This is the second part of flutter bloc series, If you haven’t read first feel free to check out first post.

Lets get your coffe or ice tea and continue with where we left of last time. So you know what is flutter bloc or atleast what flutter bloc does or help you in your application.

In this post we will dig little deeper not too much as I know too much is too bad…

Flutter bloc is a great state management libray for your dart/ flutter application that will help you to to improve your application performance and speed.

flutter bloc tutorial
  • Never ever had a plan on writing post on bloc, Heck I don’t even want to learn flutter bloc from the beggining of my flutter journey. Because it is so confused and every one have their own way of explaining.
  • . There are so many approach and library you could use such as Bloc,Provider,GetX and more I am sure some of you already know.
  • So lost in state management specially in flutter that I gave…

It is always good approach to do heavy work in background while user enjoy main thread. This way you can improve you flutter app performance and user experience.

Flutter multithread
Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Flutter is great when it comes to UI and animation but (yea there is always a but) What if you app freeze due to whatever reason such as

  • While calling heavy http request(trust me you dont want to show progressbar for 5 minute)
  • Parsing huge json
  • database call
  • image decoding etc..

In such cases you will have to to use I S O L A T E.

If you prefer to watch…

In this short post we will see how you can access your flutter localhost app from real mobile browser.

Photo by Richy Great on Unsplash

First thing first make sure you have the flutter web up and running in your flutter application.

And your device that is browser is running (can be window,mac etc ) should be connected to same network as mobile device is connected.

In my case both are connected to same network wifi. You should do the same.

Now lets start.

  1. Open your project in your favourite ide but this time instead of using flutter run execute this line in your project terminal.

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Flutter webview is one of the most commonly used library in most of the application. But unfortunately there is no webview plugin that support all the platform at the time I am writting this post.(Lets hope one day you don’t have to read this shitty blog)

With that said, Lets get start with how can we use flutter webview windows in your window application.


  1. Add package in yaml
  2. load url in web view
  3. Send/Receive data through flutter
  4. Send/Receive data through html content
  5. Complete example to load html content in webview and communicate

Note: adding webview window in my project…

Now that flutter support almost all device, you will probabily run into some plugin which support for mobile device but not in web and vice versa.

Same goes for window, linux and you name it. In this post we will see how can we import base on platform in flutter.

Photo by Joshua Aragon on Unsplash

As you already know this is how we import code in normal application.

but what if you have you two plugin one that support mobile devices and one that support web. You can’t run both together since one support for web and while other support for mobile.

That is…

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time; users don’t have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.

  • Alright, I was never planning on writing this blog. But implementing push notification is quite complitcated on web if you are just coming from mobile background.
  • I have spend couple of day to make notification work in all device i.e ios, android and web.
  • So In this shitty post we will see how to implement flutter notification in your web application.
  • I have refered…

Ever wonder you need a shape and you don’t know what’s name but you need it in your application.

Well my friend , this is the post you have been waiting for.

Story behind this post

  • Few month ago I have started my journey with flutter and I was happy with UI,animation and all the feature that flutter has to offer.
  • I was able make circle, rectangle with round border, sqaure and you name it .
  • But the only problem lies when I want custom shape. say rectangle with different corner shape.
  • So I did research and I am…


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