Flutter 2.10 is here, What is new?

It is always a smart way to stay up to date when it comes to a framework that you are exploring and fluter is no excuse. It is a community-driven framework and many developer are leveraging what flutter has to offer.

Hello guys, This is CodingWithTashi, In this post, We will see what are some of the updates that flutter 2.10 has brought.

Let’s start, So Yesterday Feb 3 at 10:00 AM PT. Flutter 2.10 is released with a big update. Here are some of the links that you can check out.

  1. Flutter Update: Windows (Walkthrough video with demo)
  2. Announcing Flutter for Windows (Medium blog)

Promotion: I have also made one crappy course on flutter for windows on udemy, feel free to check out from here

Wondering what is the updates? Here are some keys point mentioned in the updates.

  • Windows support for flutter is stable now

If you are me who always wanted to build window app using flutter then now is the time.

  • Material VS Fluent

You can continue using the material to build flutter app or start using Fluent to get window UI

src: flutter.dev
  • fluentui_system_icons

You can also use fluentui_system_icons for icons in your flutter window application to get window experience.

  • 1842 issue resolved and 1525 PR merged

Flutter resolved 1.8k issue and 1.5k pull request has been merged. This means that flutter got more stable than ever.

  • Performance/icon and color support

As always, flutter performance and support are getting better with each update they release. Flutter team also declared that they are over 500k apps published in the play store by flutter developers.

That all guys, I am planning to build window app using flutter in coming few weeks. Make sure to leave a comment and follow if you want to get update.

Thanks, guys, I hope you like this shitty post. please make sure to give a clap 👏 and leave some engagement. let me know if you have anything on your mind. I would love to connect with you.

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