Ever wonder you need a shape and you don’t know what’s name but you need it in your application.

Well my friend , this is the post you have been waiting for.

Story behind this post

TL,DR At the end of this post you will get the treasure you are lookin for.

This beggining post will show you list of flutter custom shape that might be helpful to your application


2. Modified Circle


3. Rectangle with all round border


4. Rectangle with one side round border

5. Pantagon

6. Rectangle with sharp border

7. Triangle


8.Inverted round for square and rectangle


And more will be added here….

Your hidden treasure is here, Don’t skip it

Since you are still reading this,Let me tell you one hack. What if you want custum shape (could be any) that you don’t even know the name of shape. Then what would you do. There are two option

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